My face is not my face,

My face is not my face,
Though my own eyes there reside.
I can see me in the mirror, 
Fighting not to go and hide.
My face is not my face,
Though it’s still me here inside.
But our face is what the world sees first.
This cannot be denied.
Serenity and Courage
Are etched upon my arms.
Words I choose to live by,
Their lessons learned in time.
To accept what’s passed
Cannot be changed,
And, despite fear, embrace 
each and every brand new day.
For the courageous are not fearless
To this they will attest.
True fear can make you wiser,
Challenge you to be your best.
My face is not my face, and may never be again, 
So I hope to gain in wisdom, 
humility and then
Move forward, ever forward, living fully ‘til the end.